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About us

Rossburgh Dental was founded on the belief that the patient comes first. We focus on pain free dentistry in a relaxed and inviting environment to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We listen to your needs and deliver a level of care we would want for our own family. We offer unbelievable treatment options provided with value for money on all your dental investments.
Over the years the practice has a reputation for excellence in cosmetic and general dentistry. We are dedicated to making you look and feel great. We are also proud to offer highly trained and experienced practitioners for specialised work like crowns, bridges and root canal treatments.



Top Reasons to Choose us

We have extensive Experience
You can relax knowing that our team have placed 1000′s of veneers, crowns and other cosmetic dentistry.
Our reputation for Excellence.
Members of our team have extensive experience and knowledge with many post-graduate diplomas to add to our name. In addition, during studies we have had journal articles published in South African Dental literature as well as numerous awards for our outstanding achievements.
We welcome new patients.
Our friendly, caring team are always here to lend a sympathetic ear and help you relax.
You can expect the highest level of care.
We listen to your concerns carefully, give you a range of treatment options and provide you with a personalised treatment plan.
We provide all Dental services in house.
From a chipped tooth to a complete cosmetic makeover that transforms your smile, our team provides it all.
Your comfort is our priority.
Our boutique and whole approach to dentistry are designed to help you feel at ease.
We offer flexible finance options.
Come through for a consultation and we will provide you with the options available.
We are easily accessible.
We are easily accessible by any mode of transport as well as parking that’s free and secure.
Our reputation for integrity and ethical practices.
All members of our team are registered with the board of medical professionals.
Up to Date with current dentistry.
Our members are constantly attending meetings, seminars and workshops to ensure that our standards are met with the current technology.
Advanced Sterilisation.
Your safety is important to us, so we use the most effective sterilisation system available to keep our practice environment clean and disinfected.



New Patients.

What you can expect from us…

Warm welcome upon arrival with professionalism and politeness at every visit.
Examination of your mouth and a discussion about your concerns in a comfortable setting where you can totally relax.
Latest dentistry and technology resulting in skilled and detailed diagnoses of your dental problems or concerns.
Communication with the dental practitioner on an up to date treatment techniques using the best dental equipment.
Original Solutions provided with advice allowing you to make an informed decision.
Making that commitment to prioritise your dental condition for life changing results.
Excellent service during every visit. 

We accept all medical aids.

If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact us!